Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana has begun to place thousands of lockers stickers in the High Schools of Central Indiana.  Crime Stoppers wants to give any student who feels they have no one to turn to, a way to anonymously report crime or abuse in their schools.  Crime Stoppers will forward any tips received to the correct investigating agency even if the tip does not fall within a scope of a felony crime.


For more information about this program or to sponsor a high school please call 317-481-5155 or email your questions to


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When to Call

  • Maybe you overhear someone bragging about having committed a crime.
  • Maybe you know someone who is driving a stolen car...or is hiding from the police...or is a robber or drug dealer.
  • Or maybe you just see something that doesn't look right. A strange car. A person acting sneaky. Someone with a gun or knife.

If you aren't sure that what you saw or heard is really a crime, call anyway. Let the police decide if it's worth investigating. It may be a piece of a clue to a big crime.