About Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana

Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana was founded in 1985 by the joint efforts of the Indianapolis Police Department and city leaders. Our program now operates as an independent, non-profit organization. The concept has developed into a combination of efforts by local media, businesses, civic and social clubs, law enforcement agencies, and our communities. Donations of media air time, newspaper space, and reward monies have established Crime Stoppers as an effective tool to fight crime in our home, Central Indiana.

Donor Privacy Policy: We will not sell, trade or share a donor's personal information with anyone else, nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations.

Mission Statement

For more than 30 years, Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana has been acting as a lifeline for citizens by creating an opportunity for them to fight back against crime. We are committed to making our communities safer for ourselves, our neighbors, and future generations.

Who is Involved

Dale Needleman      President
La Monica Burgess      First Past President
Bill Patton      Past Chairman
George Taylor      Past Chairman
Kyle Bitterling      Secretary
Bryan Sturgeon      Treasurer
Gary Smart      Board Member
Shelby Dyson      Board Member
Nathan Wolfe      Board Member
Tom Hill      Board Member
Kyle Thomas      Board Member
Paul Cardinal      Board Member
Jared Rains      Board Member
Ashley Painter      Board Member
Cliff Myers      Board Member
Matthew Molter      Board Member
Bryan Roach      Board Member
Kevin Kohart      Board Member
Shellie Castle      Board Member
Steve Turner      Board Member

For more than thirty years, Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana has been providing a safe way for anyone to anonymously report information about crime and criminals in our communities.  More than 109,054 anonymous tips have been received and sorted before being sent to federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies who have used that information to solve thousands of serious crimes.